New Media

Joanna Burke Art Consultants Inc. has incorporated new media in exhibitions and projects for nearly a decade. We have helped launch one of the nations first fine art digital print atelier’s (Muse X Editions) and participated in interior design and art concept development for one of LA’s fastest growing high-tech companies, NOVA Development. Our firm is associated with international artists and curators of new media such as video, interactive digital projection installations, and performance. Artists have included: Jonathan Cecil, Robert Siedel, Aaron Koblin, and Jeffers Eagen.Description of the video:This digital medial compilation was created for the Ritz Residences Showcase in Chicago 2012 (to benefit the Art Institute of Chicago).
0-1:40 minutes Jonathan Cecil “Chicago Fly”
1:40-11:53 minutes Robert Siedel “_Grau”
11:53-13:18 minutes Jeffers Egan “Slerk”